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This book addresses the dysfunctions within nonprofit management and how to navigate its culture.  This body of work speaks to staff behavior, colleague and board relations and how these relationships are never discussed.


So often books are written to talk about how to overcome obstacles, change systems or new strategies to improve leadership and/or service delivery within the culture of nonprofit organizations.  However, we never talk about the dysfunctions that lead to these obstacles and how we navigate this culture within organizations. 

Whether community or faith based, nonprofit organizations are not cookie-cutter models. Social Service Nonprofit organization's, I believe, have the most challenges in terms of service delivery and day-to-day operations and the absence of consistent professional behavior.

Navigating the Dysfunctions of Nonprofit Management

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  • The book is 70 pages and can be read within a 90 minute period.  This book is an easy read, a short read and very informative.

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